Assam & the neighbouring states have been a unique place on earth for the cultural and ethnic diversities. The state is a home land of various ethnic tribes and groups, each having its own cultural heritage. Each of these tribes possesses some unique features in its socio-cultural life including customs, religious belief, language, culture, dress, way of life, festivals, food habits, songs and dances which are different from others.

Foreign tourists in India are driven by the desire to see something different where curiosity is the ultimate factor. The travelers choose to experience firsthand practices of another culture, and may involve performances, presentations and attractions portraying or presented by indigenous communities. In a broader perspective, it includes cultural, heritage, anthropological, tribal, village and similar forms of tourism. Ethnic tourism, will be properly planned, managed and promoted as sustainable form of tourism and also utilized as a tool for the preservation and conservation of culture and heritage as well as for poverty alleviation.

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