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  • Camping / Hiking in NorthEast

    Experience an overnight guided hiking trip in NorthEast India! Check out the many options to camp beneath the stars

  • College Excursion Tours

    Appreciate the role of indigenous knowledge and traditional ways of maintaining the sustainability of communities in Northeast India

  • Culture Tours in Northeast

    Explore the tribes and tribal groups each with its own distinct cultures inhabit the region of Northeast India.



It's the result of a common shared dream that has resulted in this far-fetched vision. We seek to create a pioneering presence by using the untapped resourcesof North East India. With a humble beginning, and zealous enthusiasm, the company seeks to tap local talent, in order to provide better opportunities and sustainable means of development in far-flung areas. We provide services that are benchmarked to global standards. Our goal is to meet global requirements of our clients, both in India and abroad, while seeking to add value to those who collaborate with us

astern Wave began with a vision that sought to bring the unexplored paradise of North East to the world in a sustainable approach.

Sneak Peak of NorthEast India

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Our venture is specialized in Camping/Hiking in off-beaten tracks in NorthEast India. We cater to all the requirements of camping gears required in this parts along with safety of our clients.

We have highly trained individuals who can undoubtedly give you the best ambience for your needed camping trip.


Abhijit Baruah, CEO

Pallab Kakoti, Tour Leader

Ankita Das, Creative Head